Digging into the Details: Hands on Guidance to Assess your Sustainability Progress


Saturday, February 4

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


In order to understanding our companies’ strengths and opportunities around environmental and social impacts, having the right assessment tools and knowing how to use them is critical. Join us in the two-hour, hands-on workshop that is designed to give you access to experts who can help you 1) identify and/or reassess your sustainability priorities; 2) calculate carbon emissions, and 3) take the SFTA Quick Impact Assessment (QIA). The workshop will be divided into one-hour segments-- stay for both hours or just attend one. At the top of each hour, participants will divide up by area of interest and work with experts from SFTA, B Lab, and Net Impact to help guide you! 

Experts will introduce participants to the universal techniques and key tools used in each of these three focus areas. Then attendees will have time to apply these techniques and tools through story problems or their own data (if brought).   People taking the QIA must bring their laptop. Participants strongly encouraged to sign up beforehand by contacting SFTA Associate Director Lisa Spicka

At the end of these two hours, attendees will walk away with new sustainability skills and a roadmap of improvements they can make to improve their impacts on society and the environment!

Speakers: Bri Saseen, Sustainability and Facilities Manager, Chico Natural Foods; Justin Overdest, Associate, Good Company; Lisa Spicka, Associate Director, Sustainable Food Trade Association; Rich Schwartz, MBA Sustainability/Net Impact, Portland State University; Stephanie Ryan, Community Development, B Lab