Audio Recordings

Jump Drives containing audio recordings from Organicology’s Keynote Speakers, Workshops, and Intensives are available for purchase now!  Listen to what you missed or revisit what you learned!  Recorded in digital format, the sound quality will not deteriorate and you can listen to the sessions any time you’d like.

2011 Recordings

4GB Jump drive includes audio recordings of:

* Soils, Seeds, Policy and Eating Intensives

* Keynotes from Jim Hightower, Andrew Kimbrell, and Stephen Jones

  1. *All Workshops - State of Organic Seed Report, Cradle to Cradle, Organics for All, Designing Farmscapes for Beneficial Insects, Crop Insurance for Organic Farming, Farm Food Safety, USDA NOP and NOSB Listening Session, Organic Plant Breeding Collaboration, Rewarding Farmers for "Eco-System Services", Good Work: Best Practices for Domestic and International Labor

Price: $40.00