Abra-Cadabra: Disappearing Food Waste in the Supply Chain

Reducing food waste throughout the food supply chain is a red hot topic. It is seen as a path to efficiencies, bottom line savings, and climate mitigation.

Business and non-profits alike have been partnering in efforts to reduce food waste. But what impact are these new models and partnerships really having on food waste reduction? Are they providing access to healthy and organic food to people who otherwise wouldn’t have it? Can government policy work with a re-think on how our food supply chain is managed to have a bigger impact?

Abra-Kadabra examines these and other questions with a panel of businesses and non-profits that are dedicated wholly or in part to reducing food waste in the supply chain. Speakers represent wholesalers of “imperfect” produce who sell produce that would otherwise “be wasted,” a large-scale composter that collects compostable food materials from a regional community, and the Oregon Food Bank, who partners with dozens of organizations as a destination for food that would otherwise expire or be thrown out. Presenters will explain how their business models work, what sparked their food waste reduction collaborations, and the results seen to date. After learning about their businesses, the challenges they still face will be examined in a brief panel discussion before opening up discussion to the audience.