Businesses as Agents for Policy Change


Politics and Policy

Friday, February 3

 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Business is playing a vital role in changing the face of our food system.  More and more, small- and medium-sized food businesses are making policy a central part of the work they do.  This session will look at how three organic food businesses have identified policy priorities for their companies, framed their work, and used it to push for policy change. After hearing their stories, the session will focus on identifying what the most important policy issues currently facing our industry, and how to apply the lessons learned to create policy change.

Moderator: Annie Hoy, Outreach/Communications Manager, Ashland Food Cooperative

Speakers: Bu Nygrens, Co-Owner, Director of Purchasing, Veritable Vegetable; Matthew Dillon, Director of Agricultural Policy and Programs, Clif Bar