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Cannabis: From Crop to Commodity


Levi Fredrikson, Oregon Tilth;

Logan Leichtman, Lotus Law Group;

Les Szabo, Dr. Bronners;

Sunny Summers, Oregon Department of Ag Cannabis Policy;

Andrew Black, Certified Kind;

Tyson Haworth, SoFresh Farms;

Brenda Book, Washington State Department of Ag;

Christina Sasser, Vital Leaf, Inc;

Josh Gulliver, J and J Organics LLC;

Katie Goldberg, Oregon Tilth;

Courtney Collins, Oregon Tilth;

There is a new industry taking shape across the country, and a new market opportunity on the rise. With the legalization of many forms of cannabis, farmers and processors are eager to dive in, but how?

This full-day intensive caters to those looking into the cannabis industry along with producers aiming for more guidance and connections. We have worked diligently to gather expertise from across the cannabis gamut, including growers, processors, legal experts, government officials, certification pros, and future thinkers. These experts will help to clue you in on the current industry, where to start, what to consider, and final production. We will explore the plant from the ground up, and from harvest to ...wherever it may take you.

Feel like your questions aren’t being answered? There will be an opportunity to discuss specific considerations with all of our presenters during the Ask the Expert session, which will be held in conjunction with the lunch break. Join us for an information packed day, along with the opportunity to get to know other players in the field. We look forward to seeing you there!

Speaker Bios

Andrew Black worked for Oregon Tilth for 12 years and is an organic certification expert. In 2014, he founded Certified Kind, which is a private 3rd party certification program for state licensed medical and adult-use cannabis producers that are farming organically but can’t get USDA Organic certification. Andrew also works with industrial hemp farms that are transitioning to organic farming practices and helps them achieve USDA Organic Certification.

Joshua Gulliver is the co-founder and operator of J and J Organics, an organic hemp farm in Philomath, Oregon. From seed purchasing and planting to weeding and harvesting, drying and sales, Josh and his business partner, John Eveland, cultivate CBD rich hemp flower. Josh has been growing cannabis for over two decades and is fortunate to lease his land from Gathering Together Farm - an organic market vegetable farm where they are incorporating hemp into a diverse crop rotation. Josh has been the organic compost manager at Gathering Together Farm for four years and also builds the soil his hemp is grown in.

Tyson Haworth is co-founder of SoFresh, one of Oregon’s leading mission driven cannabis farms.  The first state licensed dispensaries, Oregon’s Finest in downtown Portland, are also co-owned and operated by Tyson. He founded Worth Consulting, a local consulting firm that helps teach businesses how to execute a mission driven strategy.  Tyson helped articulate OGC’s first mission of sustainability, as their Director of Operations and Board VP—now he invests in OGC’s Perpetual Purpose Trust. Tyson also likes to lobby for positive cannabis reform, when he isn’t spending time with his wife and two young children learning and exploring the world.

Brenda Book is the Program Manager for the WSDA Organic Program. She oversees all aspects of the agency’s organic certification services and staff.  Started in 1988, the USDA-accredited WSDA Organic Food Program upholds the integrity of the organic label through certification and inspection of organic crop and livestock producers, processors, handlers and retailers.  WSDA is in the final stages of rule making and plans to have applications available for Washington cannabis producers and processors this spring.  A native of Central Iowa, Brenda grew up on her family’s third generation grain and livestock farm and has been involved in the organic industry since 1996 as farmer, researcher, retail produce manager, farmers market manager and board member.  Brenda holds a B.A. in sustainable agriculture from The Evergreen State College and studied botany at the University of Iowa.

Levi Fredrikson (Moderator) is a Certification Services Officer with Oregon Tilth. He has a background as an agricultural educator, farm family business consultant, and grower. Levi has managed operations raising grass-fed beef, diversified vegetables and row crops, cannabis, and orchards/vineyards.

Logan Leichtman practices at Lotus Law Group where he focuses his practice on real estate, land use and regulatory compliance for the cannabis industry. During law school, Logan interned for state representative Ken Helm. The two published a paper in the Willamette Law Review about the implementation of recreational cannabis legislation in Oregon. Logan served as editor-in-chief of Willamette Law Online and also as an editor of Willamette Law Review. Prior to law school, Logan worked as a video editor and post-production coordinator with credits including content that has aired on HBO, CNN, BBC and MTV. He originally cut his teeth in entertainment as a concert producer, having put on hundreds of shows in venues throughout the state of Virginia.

Christina Sasser is the visionary force behind the Vital Leaf edibles line, which focuses on creating CBD & Cannabis products, including organic, fair-trade, regeneratively sourced Chocolates, Oil drop Elixirs, Pastilles and other specialty edibles. She also co-produces a pop-up cooking school for festivals, called the Nourishment Lab. Previously, she owned an artisanal catering, personal chef, and live-cultured products company, Activation Foods. In 2016, Vital Leaf became her next adventure. As the CEO she wears many hats including head chef, marketing and brand development, and creating strong investor and partnership relationships. She supports and collaborates with local, organic, regenerative, and wild crafted food producers to strengthen regional food security & justice, and to create the most pure and nourishing whole foods in the most ethical and honest way possible.  Her favorite quote is:  "Work is love made visible.”  

Sunny Summers
of the Oregon Department of Ag Cannabis Policy has a degree from Oregon State University in Bioresource Research.  She worked in pesticide regulation and enforcement for 12 years before making the leap to cannabis. When not scratching her head over cannabis regulations, she can be found napping in the woods, kayaking on the Willamette, or chasing one of the Bruiser Bros. around the Sassy Sunflower Haus.

Les Szabo is currently Director of Constructive Capital at Dr. Bronner's. He oversees business development activities for the company, which includes impact investing, philanthropy, and commercial support of supply chain projects around the world. He currently sits on the boards of Serendi Coco Samoa Ltd., Regenerative Organic Feed Co., and LifeDose. Les has 20 years of experience in the natural products and apparel industries. He was a co-founder of Living Harvest, Dunderdon, and Infinity Sport.