Intensive: Are You Cannabis-Curious?

Interested in learning more about legal cannabis production? Join this Organicology intensive for a thorough look at the opportunities and challenges in this rapidly growing sector.

This full-day workshop caters to the cannabis-curious: those who want to know more about cannabis production systems, the legal environment, and the economic outlook for the industry.

Could cannabis be a good diversification strategy for your farm?  What are the numerous products on the market--industrial, medicinal, recreational--and how are they produced? What are the key regulations affecting producers and sellers? How strong and stable is the current market and what are the projections for growth? How is cannabis impacting our communities and natural resources?

Hear from experienced farmers and processors, legal experts, and marketing and certification specialists. Learn from the latest research on organic cannabis systems. Find out more about seed sourcing, pest management, soil health, and water quality concerns. Understand the complicated co-existence of hemp and cannabis. Get the lowdown on cannabis banking and finance.  Find out about state and university programs, licensing, registration, permits, and record keeping. We'll also cover equipment and facilities; manufacturing, handling, and transport regulations; and many other considerations for those exploring the quickly changing cannabis world.