Co-discovering what is next for our industry: A generative dialogue

The natural/organic products industry is becoming a more complicated place to navigate with ongoing, unprecedented success it has had many outsiders coming into the industry and this impact has industry members divide on openness and resistance.  This has put into motion the breaking out of individual organizations to chart new paths on their own, while others are hosting conversations on addressing specific areas of what is next for the industry. Conscious Brands approach is to bring together a diverse group of industry leaders to have a dialogue around what it means to co-create a solution.  This session is for the BOLD. It’s designed for the leaders, the visionaries, the ones that are committed to using business to make the future better. Come to this session if you are ready to have big-picture conversations with big-picture thinkers. Do not come prepared to listen to a few select individuals telling you what you should be doing. Come ready to learn and share what you are seeing, thinking and doing to bring forward what is next for our industry.