Executing a Roadmap for Organic Seed Systems


Saturday, February 4

10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.


How seed is bred, produced, and managed affects the health of people and our planet, and the success of farmers and future generations. The organic seed movement is creating systems that adhere to the principles of diversity, fairness, health, and shared benefit, ensuring our plant genetic diversity remains in the hands of people, not patent holders. In this way, the organic community is committing to seed that’s different from the biotechnology and chemical industry, which emphasize genetic uniformity, chemical production systems, and privatization. Organic Seed Alliance is monitoring the success of organic seed systems in the US and just completed a five-year update to State of Organic Seed. Do farmers have access to enough organic seed? What are our nation’s organic plant breeding priorities? How are certifiers enforcing the organic seed requirement? How much of our tax dollars support organic seed research? These questions and others will be answered as part of this workshop, where presenters will share findings from the report along with a roadmap for collaborative solutions to grow, adapt, and protect more organic seed. 

Speakers: Jared Zystro, Research & Education Assistant Director, Organic Seed Alliance; Kiki Hubbard, Advocacy and Communications Director, Organic Seed Alliance