Getting the Most Out of On-farm Variety Trials


Friday, February 3

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Knowing how to conduct variety trials can help farmers find the best varieties to grow for the farm and for the customer. Variety trials are also essential for farmer-breeders and seed growers dedicated to the continual improvement of seed. While properly conducted variety trials can be valuable, those not well planned do not provide meaningful results or are difficult to evaluate. Sometimes the plot layout is flawed, often the data collection is lacking, and very likely the farmer may become overwhelmed with other farm chores and the trial is neglected. This workshop will help farmers gather useful information through the fundamentals of field trial design and data collection without increasing labor and resource inputs. Presenters will share real life examples of variety trial layouts, results, and challenges.

Speakers: Jared Zystro, Research & Education Assistant Director, Organic Seed Alliance; Steve Peters, Founder, Seed Revolution Now!/Seed Expert, Organic Seed Alliance; additional speakers TBA