Intensive: Climate Action Plans

While many companies would like to incorporate climate change action into their companies, it can be challenging to know where to start, how to balance efforts with limited resources, and the extent to which climate efforts might stretch across the globe.

It Starts with You is focused on helping natural product companies understand 3 main objective:

  1. in which areas they can make the most climate impact

  2. how they support business operations

  3. how to incorporate these efforts into a system-based climate action plan.

This intensive will balance delivery of information with real-life case studies. We will hear from companies that represent a spectrum of organic industry sectors with varying degrees of progress (i.e. beginners, advanced) in their formalized climate action. Throughout the day, presenters will introduce tools and exercises to help attendees assess the priorities, goals, and tactics that their companies’ climate plans could include.

Participants will walk away with a strong knowledge of what other peers are doing to address climate action, and the goals and tactics that are most relevant and realistic for their companies to implement.

Please note: In order to provide actionable information, this intensive will focus on Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors, and Brands. While the manners in which the agricultural supply chain can be engaged will be addressed, a deep discussion on farm practices will not be the focus of this intensive.