2017 Keynote Addresses

Our three keynotes addressed similar calls to action: Symbiotic alliances and unity for our movement's causes are crucial to generate positive change in our community, our food and our future.

  • Mas Masumoto | View keynote
    "It's my hope that when we work together in this ecosystem with shared values, we can transform the food system. I want to foster a food system that is not based on failures of others. In many ways, this thought is revolutionary."

  • Eric Holt-Gimenez | View keynote
    "We have to make social and structural changes beyond food and farms. Social issues have been used to divide us...and we need to build bridges and alliances to achieve transformation."

  • Nikki Silvestri | View keynote
    "We build economic fertility by starting from a place of acknowledgement. Ecological fertility is the bridge between economic and social fertility."


The Weinstein Manifesto (short) (full) and the Middle Path.

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Intensives & Workshops

The Case for Independence in the Organic Trade: Creating and Sustaining Business Enterprises that Provide Vision, Leadership and a Path to Succession

Creating a Resilient Business through Sustainable Practices

FDA Down on the Farm

Organic Integrity: Managing the seemingly impossible

Viva Organico!  Organic and demand impacts in Mexico

Transition & Growth in the Organic Sector

Farm Succession: Why planning now is critical, and resources to get started

Organic Livestock and Poultry Welfare Practices: A Blessing or a Curse?

Botany of Produce–Understanding the Plants We Eat

Selling to the Masses

Business Management for Organic Vegetable, Seed & Grain Producers

Variety Trails