R&B, Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock, ORGANICS!

by Septimus

The ‘Official’ Band of Change Your Food - Change Your Life!™

Frank Brown (Frankie B) is the high-energy front man, Vocals & Keyboard. His brother, Ronald Abraham Brown, on Bass.

Their cousins and brothers, Coleman Bluesman Brown, and Motown recording artist, Herman L. Brown, Guitars. 

Adopted family member, JohnLee Rodde on Drums. 

Septimus celebrates the JOY Organic Good Foods bring to life! They are the only band that can lay down absolute kickin’ covers of Hendrix, Waters, Marley, The Stones, Womack, Tupac, Gap Band Early in the Morning, The Commodores Brick House, Bill Withers, Use Me, lots of their own stuff - Reggae Man, Looking for Ulysses, Pea Vine, Forever, Fame, Congressman … along with a Portfolio of Organic Good Food Songs - Songs that connect with the audience about Livin’ The Good Food Life!

Septimus represents Family, History, Diversity and Social Justice ALL in one package.

When Septimus performs Early In The Morning, you'll be groovin’ & floatin’ to it on the dance floor, writhin’ & grindin’ with hands above your head, and then with the staccato of Get Up, Get Up, your fingers reach to the sky! Septimus will take a step back in time to Woodstock Days and then have you STANDING when they hit the Organic Good Food Anthem, GOOD LiViN'

There’s a song for vendors, for farmers, for grass-fed ranchers, for eaters, for truth-tellers, for advocates and DANCERS! Listen to their Mango Tango FUN for Uncle Matt's®Organic Juice.