Time to Take Action on Climate Change


Friday, February 3

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Climate change is here now. We already feel its effects. Yet, climate can feel like a distant threat when you’re working to meet quarterly revenue targets, resolve production capacity constraints or deal with another human resource crisis. What can we do to have meaningful impact? How can we make significantly more progress to get below the critical 2-degrees Celsius threshold that scientists agree will trigger dire consequences? What can we do together to make a low carbon economy a reality? Come join sustainability experts and advocates who will discuss the challenges and opportunities for businesses to take action. In this round table format, there will be short presentations and time for exchange between the speakers and with the audience. 

Speakers: Anne Kelly, Senior Program Director, Ceres/BICEP; Jane Franch, Director of Quality, Sourcing and Sustainability, Numi Organic Tea; Katherine DiMatteo, Executive Director, Sustainable Food Trade Association; Mark Trexler, Climate Risk Advisory, The Climatographers