Viva Organico! Organic and Demand Impacts in Mexico

Growing the Organic Market

Friday, February 3

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


As the demand for organic production continues to grow year over year US buyers are increasingly sourcing organic products from other countries. Mexico is the largest exporter of organic products into the US with over $100 million dollars in annual exports to supply the US increased demand. Since 2011 the amount of organic product that the US imports from Mexico has rapidly grown by over 90 percent.  With this volume and types of production comes many considerations. Beyond organic certification, producers and buyers are having to address concerns and challenges around cultural practices, hydroponics, food prices in Mexico, food safety, and farmworker’s rights. The US markets increasingly makes demands on Mexico for more production as well as multiple certification marks and verifications.

This session will explore these pressures that the US market places on Mexico producers as well as the basic challenges they face of shipping product to the US. We will also address the needs of Mexico producers and explore some of the opportunities to engage insupport and technical assistance for operations in growing the organic market.

Speakers: Alejandro Madrigal, General Manager, Covilli Brand Organics; Carrie-Anne Palmeri, Latin America Specialist, Oregon Tilth; Ernesto de la Rosa, Mexico Representative, Oregon Tilth; Skye Ogden, Director of International Farming, Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo; Josh Spoden, Produce Buyer, Organically Grown Company;  Matt Rogers, Global Produce Coordinator, Whole Foods