Ferreting out Fraud and Securing Future Supplies

Session II: 1:30pm - 3:00pm

This workshop focuses on the tools and technologies to verify organic integrity throughout an increasingly complex supply chain. Panelists will discuss a variety of available and emerging mechanisms for preventing organic fraud, including Blockchain, organic-approved fumigation, and upgrades to electronic organic certificate management.

Speakers: John Saunders; Logan Peterman, Organic Valley; Gwendolyn Wyard, Organic Trade Association

Speaker Bios

Logan Peterman From his roots growing up on an apple orchard in central Wisconsin, to his years working in the organic sector, Logan Peterman has sought to merge a background in Ecology, Statistics, and Research design to enhance and validate farmer intuition and organic on-farm management. At Organic Valley, Peterman applies his expertise by leveraging fresh insights to inform strategy and operational tactics for leaders at the farmer-owned cooperative.  His primary goal, is to validate member intuition regarding organic benefits, nutrition, and resilience, using the research expertise of peer-reviewed academics and private research institutions.   Improving nutrition, reducing externalities, and ensuring integrity of organic foods into the future.

Gwendolyn Wyard (Moderator) has been actively working in the organic industry for over 20 years. She serves as the Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the Organic Trade Association (OTA) where she works on the development of policy strategy through regulatory engagement in the interest of OTA’s mission and its members. Prior to OTA Gwendolyn worked for Oregon Tilth where she served as the Technical Specialist specializing in policy analysis and technical review of materials for use in organic products. She holds a degree in Food Science with a Fermentation Science Option and a minor in Chemistry. Gwendolyn completed her certificate as an independent farm and processing inspector through the International Organic Inspector’s Association (IOIA) in 1997 and has subcontracted for multiple certifiers inspecting a diverse range of operations. She also serves on board for the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is an Advisory Council member for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In her free time, Gwendolyn loves to make and eat fermented foods, take long bike rides, paddle her kayak and grub around in the soil.